Mrs. Clinton thinks her email server is a matter of no concern

But many Americans think it is, and she may have a lot to learn


You can stonewall, and stretch the truth to fit what you want to do

But in the real world stuff flows downhill, and can come easley back on you


I hate to burst your bubble Mrs. C., but people are not as gullible as you see them

they get tired of being lied to, and get the last word , every now and then.


You may think they are fooled and will fall in line like sheep, on your side

Then they think about the Benghazi four and conclude well…..you lied !


For sure you did when you said the raid, and deaths was caused by a video someone made

Then tried  to convince  everyone that because of the raid,  They were the price that had to be paid


You really think everyone believes just about everything you say

But with that kind of thinking, there may be a price you have to pay


Just keep your eye on that top political prize you think you will surely  earn

Things change fast, support as well, that may be something you may have to learn


Maybe one day you’ll look back and say you lost that race because of a video ,  or so one might say

We’ll get a visual in our minds and see your arrogant look, but, AT THAT POINT WHAT DOES IT MATTER ANYWAY




Cmon friend get real, You didn’t build that business on your own.

You may have had the idea, risked the cash, but you know you were not alone.


Your kidding yourself if you think it was built by just you

Frankly without the government , you couldn’t have done all you had to do


The government gave you power, roads, bridges  and everything needed to succeed

And all of needless business stopping  regulations your ever going to need


The also helped by enacting more and more taxes to make sure you’d never get rich

And piled on tons of regulations to keep you sinking deeper in the ditch


You still think you built your business alone.

I’ve got news for you, you were never alone


AS you worked harder and harder to fulfill your dream

They piled on more and more regulations  to stop you , or so it would seem


Ok,  Ok You had the idea, put up the cash and invested the time

But you weren’t alone, they were setting roadblocks as you grew just to keep you in line


As you look back on what you built you feel good it was one heck of a ride

And you built it not because,  but in spite of them and that should fill you with pride




Probably the hardest and the worst part of any President’s job would be to have to send American men and women into harm’s way. To make a decision that could mean the life of another would have to be devastating and would haunt anyone.  It’s a decision no one could or should ever have to make or take lightly.  This is why Benghazi is so hard to understand.  It would seem that our State Department and White House for whatever reason deemed those four Americans serving their country in the Benghazi embassy as expendable assets.  They don’t feel that they owe any explanation to anyone or don’t need to explain their actions or lack of actions to those whom they vowed to serve, the people of this country.  What was our government doing that they don’t want us to know about, and why are they hiding information?   No American is expendable especially when they are in the service of their country   I think a cloud descended over our government and  Madam Secretary Hillary Clinton the day Benghazi  happened , because of all the half-truths, denials and the stonewalling that has happened since.

Were these individuals in Benghazi really expendable?    If so, what could possibly be the justification for it.   In the light of certain facts we now know it might be thought it happened because it was just inconvenient to all involved.   Could this happening have been hard to explain because the administration was telling us how the foreign terrorists and Al-Qaida were decimated and no longer posed a threat of any  kind.    Or was it inconvenient because we were in the final days before the election and it would not have been prudent to not carry out fund raisers. Could it have been more.   Were we already supplying  the Syrian rebels, with weapons that had not been authorized.   Were they worried that it might have been brought out.  Rumors are now spreading about 400 missiles  that have come up missing that we were holding in Benghazi , during that time. Could that be the reason for the stonewalling?    Did they think that anything negative brought out at that time might cause them to lose votes in the upcoming election?  How could you put any amount of votes ahead of any lives lost?

I’m sure as the attack started  that night everyone was caught unawares, and all types of information, good and bad circulated from a lot of directions  But should they really  have been off guard, after all this was September 11th ,a date all Americans know and certainly worry  that another wave of violence might happen   I would also submit that as soon as the attack was underway someone realized from in the back of their mind that these people at the Embassy had ask a few times for additional security on a few occasions, and was turned down. How bad could that look?  Maybe a small distraction might help until they could catch up and decide what to do.

Could this have been the place where they went into the “blame the video mode?” This would be a better explanation than we got caught not knowing what was happening because we were concentrating on the election and not the countries business.  Things that were expressed as to the cause by agents of the administration, have since been shown as wrong.   As correct information was received and verified it seemed the administration disregarded it in favor of the easy explained video, because with the video there is no fault on our government’s part

There’s a belief with the current leaders in this country, and it is true with both parties, that if you just keep telling people the same thing over and over again they will eventually start to believe it even if there is absolutely no truth in it.  In other words they think that most of the people in this country are not smart enough to determine the truth, so you call tell them anything and they will believe it.   But even worse, you just ignore saying anything because you know the people will just lose interest .  They know most Americans have short attention span and politicians use that to their advantage

The President and his people were involved in his re-election campaign and this was not a convenient time for anything negative to happen, so true to form they went into their Scarlett O’Hara mode, “I won’t think about this today, I’ll think about it tomorrow.”

I think that the people of this country deserve better.  Government officials should not lie to them or disrespect them by not telling them the truth.  I think the members of Congress no matter the party should take a stand and demand to know exactly what happened   with no cover-ups, just straight truths.  The truth is it will be politics as usual.  The members of congress have lost all credibility in the eyes of the American because of the way they do their jobs.

When people are in the service of their country they should not be left behind.   Because our leaders choose to keep the country in the dark about Benghazi we can only  use what we think to determine what happened in our judgment of the events of that night .

Madam Secretary Clinton ask us a question when she appeared in the hearing “What does it matter, at this time anyway? “

It does matter because our country left four people to die without any effort to save them.   Ms. Clinton told us, she considered the ambassador a good friend.  What does it matter anyway now?    I guess some things do get in the way of friendship now and then.

She once ask us the American people that if the phone rang in the White house at 3am in the morning who would we like there to answer If it was some of our people asking for help we know you would not answer.  You’ve already shown this with Benghazi.

Voltaire, once said:  “To the living we owe respect, to the dead we owe the truth”

Madam Secretary   You didn’t give the respect in their life because you left them there to die without trying everything in your power to get them out.

” In death we owe them the truth.”  This happened on your watch.  You should have fought to tell the truth about what happened, why were they just left behind.  WHY WAS NOTHING DONE??

It’s been said that you will run for president and the sad part is you may even win it.  I hope not, People should believe in their president.  How can you believe in someone you feel has no moral compass.  If you were elected I don’t feel you would bring honor to the job.